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My Angel Has An Extra Chromosome- Part 7

Baby Care, Occassions April 6, 2016

The arrival of Zia brought anxieties, fears of the unknown but in all that, it also brought hope! Zia has resuscitated in me a bud of love and care. She has strengthened me spiritually and
emotionally. Many fears have been conqured through this little gift. I learned to accept, for God gave us the ability to procreate and not to create so what God has created is faultless. It was
God’s perfect will to give us the priviledge to have Zia in our lives and we thankful for that. My prayer is that God continues to guide and bless us, her family so we have the ability to raise her
such that she may grow into what God wants her to be. Sometimes I feel as though I am not doing enough for her but I know I have a lifetime to continually show my love for her. -Granny Cabbie

Dear Zia
From the moment I knew that I was going to be an uncle, I was happy. Your presence in my life has changed me a lot for the better! When I think about you Zia I get happy and determined to be a
better uncle. You have given a new purpose to this life and I am a happy man because of you nana. As we know that we are all unique but your uniqueness is more appreciated. It has taught us to put others before ourselves and taught us to think of you before our own desires. Seeing you happy makes it all worth while! It’s a blessing to have you in our lives. I love u my baby, just the way you are.
Love malume- Uncle Lucky Dube

When I learnt that my sister’s child has down syndrome a lot of negative thoughts came to mind. How was my sister going to manage with a special needs child? How would she cope? Why had God chosen my sister out of all the women? Why her??? How did the baby look? I must admit that all this was because I did not know much about DS… I got on a flight and knowing that the whole family would be waiting for me when I landed, including Zia, made me a little anxious. I did not know what to expect and how to react. It was a delicate situation. When I landed I couldn’t believe my eyes. She was this beautiful new life, a true bundle of joy! Beautiful and so adorable. I took over my sister’s motherly duties as I spent time there and quickly learnt that despite having DS, Zia was very normal.I bathed her, fed her, played with her and she responded well. Like any other child would. she wud smile when she was happy and complain when she did not like something.. not to mention all the times we went out and people wouldn’t stop complimenting her beauty. People who did not know about her condition. That made me a proud aunt. My baby made me realize that DS means developing at her own special pace and that’s perfectly fine. She is a blessing to her parents as they are the chosen ones by the Lord. God chose them for He knows she is safer with Chris and Molly. In that home she is getting the love He wants for her, the love she needs. God knew that Zia needed a patient mother! A golden hearted mother. She needed somene who she could look up to. A mother who would not take her condition as a sickness. I’m happy to say that my sister is that one of a kind mother and Zia is in good hands! I thank God for blessing my sis. -Aunty Sarah Dube

Being Zia’s caregiver is a big responsibility which I perform with all my heart! It means that I must take extra special care of her. I play with her and make her feel happy. I feed, bathe and
change her properly to make sure she is growing well and that she is always looking smart. Her mother has taught me how to take care of her well so that even when she is at work she knows her baby is safe and happy. I also know how to tell that she is not well so that I rush her to the hospital but she is a very healthy baby. Above all this, I give her love that every child needs. – Aunty

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